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What Kind of Hair Is This?

All hair extensions and wigs are made with Grade 9A Top 

Level Hair. There is no shedding or tangling. We do not 

suggest cutting the wefts to experience the full potential of the hair. Before installing wigs or extensions, customers should co-wash the hair with a trusted conditioner of their choice. Treat this hair as if it is your own.


What are your delivery options?

All products will be shipped using FedEx. Delivery time is within 2-5 working days. 


How do I return an item?


Why do the 3-bundles deals have the same length hair?

To allow you or your stylist to complete a fuller and more natural look, bundles should be the same length. It’s important to get a length that you will be most comfortable with. If you are unsure of your comfort length, it’s best to get your hair a little longer as it can be cut or styled shorter. 

How Long will this hair last?

With proper care and treatment, this hair is expected to last between 2-3 years. 



Hair Maintenance

To get the full grade 9a experience on this hair, maintenance (including washing, conditioning, etc) needs to take place every few weeks. 



How many bundles do I need? 

For inches between 12-18, we suggest two bundles. Anything longer than 

18’ we would suggest three bundles for a full natural look. For longer hair (30+ inches), we recommend four or more bundles. 

How much does each bundle weigh?

Each bundle, regardless of texture, weigh between 3.3 and 3.6 oz. 

Can I color/dye the hair?

Yes, this hair has not been processed and will bleach/dye very well. If you are not a professional, please do not try to bleach/dye the hair as it will no longer be virgin hair once bleached/dyed. 

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